MSA Fall 2017

For those of you that are new to MSA, we have been around since 2014 and offer a 5-week soccer clinic in both the spring and the fall. We are proud to say that we’ve seen tremendous improvement and results from our players that we have coached in the past few years as they transition to play tournament matches.

Coach Vic & Coach Sly

MSA Adult Co-Ed Soccer

Macomb Soccer Academy is proud to announce the start of an adult co-ed soccer program that will run 6 weeks at a time.

The program is for both men and women who want to participate in a team sport.  

We are planning on running the program two times per year. The program will start soon after the end of our youth development soccer clinic, which runs in the spring and fall at predetermined dates.

These dates are usually posted on our Facebook page

MSA adult co-ed soccer is noncompetitive fun pick up soccer with a sole purpose of boosting adult fitness and knowledge for the soccer game.

 Please come join us and reap the benefits of staying physically active!

Coach Vic & Coach Sly

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